/ December 24, 2017/ Meetups

Date: Sunday January 14
Location: De Stadstuin Europalaan 20 – 2nd floor

When the Machine Makes Art is a special edition of Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) that is part of Culturele Zondag – Nieuwjaarsduik. This edition deals with the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on the arts and culture.

What are the creative possibilities of AI techniques such as machine learning? How does automation change the role of the artist? CCU invites three artists to reflect on these questions.

CCU8++ features talks by:
Sabrina Verhage [Creative Coding Amsterdam] – ‘Vibrator t-SNE’
– Cristina Cochior – ‘In the Company of Bots’
– Marlies Peeters (NL) – ‘The Impact of Generativity in Creative Practice’
Luba Elliott [Creative AI Meetup] (UK) – ‘Report of the NIPS4Creativity Workshop’

Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) is a local platform for makers and people interested in the creative & artistic potential of technologies. Together we explore new expressions made with code and hardware. Think of visuals, music, apps, digital design, VR, games, new instruments, literature, spatial design, data esign, or(…).

Artists, designers, and developers will give presentations showing their work-in-progress or finished projects, and tell how they came about. After each presentation the audience can ask questions and come up with suggestions, with
time for drinks in between and afterwards. 🙂

If you would like to present your project send an email to: info@creativecodingutrecht.nl

RSVP here and follow us on Twitter, Meetup, Insta, and Slack

CCU8++ is made possible with the kind support of De Stadstuin and LemonaidChariTea

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